PowerShell 4.0: Desired State Configuration

Posted by bink on June 4 2013, 3:36 PM.

PowerShell 4.0 introduces Desired State Configuration. What is DSC?

  • Enables you to ensure that the components of your data center have the correct configuration
  • Allows “continuous deployment” and prevents “configuration drift”
  • Uses language extensions and providers to enable declarative, autonomous and idempotent (repeatable) Deployment, Configuration and Conformance of standards-based managed elements

How does this relate?

System Center Configuration Manager

A management solution with extensible features focused on configuring the Enterprise on-premise compute. By contrast PowerShell DSC is a platform technology focused on the Cloud (servers and standard-based devices) helping to bridge development and operations.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager

SCVMM is a fabric controller that manages hypervisors, network and storage; creating, managing and configuring VMs and Services.  SCVMM Service Model can call DSC during provisioning. SCVMM Service Model and the new Cloud OS Virtual Machine Role can leverage DSC for configuration.

Windows PowerShell

The automation language and platform for Windows and standards-based devices. Extensively leveraged across Windows, Microsoft and the industry.

• We are substantially increasing the Cloud OS capabilities of Windows Server by adding Desired State Configuration to the base platform via PowerShell.

• Overtime, just as with PowerShell original, we expect strong leverage of the platform, making a fully integrated, better together story.


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