Zune Tattoo Guy Goes All Out, Changes Name to “Microsoft Zune”

Posted by sumeethevans on November 8 2007, 11:55 AM. Posted in Zune.

First, number one Zune fan Steven Smith got a Zune tattoo on his arm. Then, he went and got a second Zune tattoo on the other arm, and a few months later picked up a third tattoo opposite the first one on his back. Rather than continue to make his body a canvas for promoting the Zune, he’s actually found a way to take this further.

Three tattoos later, what's a man to do? Change your name to "Microsoft Zune," natch. The initial legal consensus seems to believe that the name change is possible under trademark laws just as long as the individual is not benefiting from it or doing harm to the company in any way. Guilty on both accounts we're afraid.

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