Ziff Davis should evaluate their "technical" writers

Posted by bink on November 7 2007, 1:42 AM. Posted in Opinion, Windows Vista.

I just read an article from PCmag.com (owned by Ziff Davis Media). The title of the article is "Windows XP: still the best" So I was curious what the writers (Sascha Segan) opinion was on Windows Vista. This is what Sascha wrote:

"Vista is basically XP with Microsoft clones of a bunch of third-party add-ons, minus a lot of driver and program compatibility. It's like your old best friend with an embarrassing and expensive new haircut. Yawn."</QUOTE>


"....Microsoft made no changes to major core underpinnings of the OS."

Now everyone is entitled to write down their own opinions and believe me I have had my fair share of Vista issues since it RTM'ed, but you would expect this kind of quotes in some kind of non technical magazine. This is PC Magazine! This writer does not have a clue what Vista is and wites about it on a major online technical website. This makes me "yawn"!

Ah well, just my opinion. Maybe he should keep his articles on Mobile devices:

Sascha Segan Sascha Segan is PC Magazine's Lead Analyst for mobile phones and PDAs. He is responsible for testing, benchmarking and evaluating mobile phones and other handheld devices. Sascha joined the magazine in 2004 after covering consumer electronics for technology, travel and lifestyle publications, and editing the now hard-to-find book, "I Just Got a Cell Phone, Now What?" He once helped cover an election in Africa using only a PalmPilot Professional with a modem and attachable keyboard as his traveling gear.

Read the article at source and tell me what you think.

Funny Paul Thurrot writes about a similar experience today:

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