XP Tweaking Experience

Posted by bink on September 8 2003, 1:15 AM. Posted in Tools & Utils.

The Tweaking Experience previously known as the "XP-Tweaking Guide"

The Tweaking Experience brings together all tweaks for Microsoft Windows XP/2000 such as Internet, Miscellaneous, System Performance and User Interface related tweaks into a single easy-to-use centralized helpfile.

Whats new?

- Change name to Tweaking Experience - Added NTFS.org Forums to Contact and Support section - Added more than 40 various tweaks - Added new sections: IIS, Active Desktop and Windows 2003 Server - Removed How-To section - Added History tab in navigational panel - Added link inside options to the homepage   Download: http://www.ntfs.org/modules.php?modid=6&action=show&id=79 Screen-shots: http://windowsxp.homedns.org/xp/asp/twg/twg-screenshot.asp