Xbox 360 Survey Reveals

Posted by vasudev on November 25 2008, 9:11 AM. Posted in Xbox.

 Families are sticking together and searching for better entertainment value this holiday.

A tough economy is casting a shadow over many people’s gift-giving list right now, providing a question mark as to how they will spend their hard-earned cash this holiday season. To better understand how America’s shopping and entertainment habits are evolving this year, Microsoft Corp. collaborated with Ipsos1and StrategyOne2 to produce the Xbox 360 Holiday Entertainment Survey. It’s no surprise that the majority of respondents admitted to being more cautious about how they will spend their hard-earned cash.

Some of the key findings include these:

60 percent of respondents are planning to stay at or close to home to save money over the holidays

71 percent are looking for one gift to bring the family together

89 percent are hunting for gifts that keep on giving

81 percent of adults in households with children are looking for gifts that provide entertainment while staying home this year2

86 percent of young adults hope to receive at least one video game this year

40 percent of adults will visit the movie theater less than last year

Almost Everyone Will Stay Home for the Holidays

This year, the home is the destination for holiday entertainment with three out of five Americans anticipating spending Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve at home to save money. In other words, many families will spend their holiday season in the living room, looking for ways to be entertained economically...........................Continue At Source