WorldWide Telescope - Solstice Borealis Release

Posted by vasudev on January 8 2009, 10:07 AM. Posted in Research.

The Microsoft Research team responsible for WorldWide Telescope has just pushed out another update (v Code named “Solstice Borealis” the new release includes a couple sweet and mind boggling features.

National Virtual Observatory Cone Search / Registry Lookup – Search through the United States NVO registry to find information about astronomical bodies. You’ll find this under Search then VO Cone Search / Registry Lookup. Once the screen comes up, you can enter anything into the NVO Registry Title Like box then click the NVO Registry Search button. The results will populate the other form fields:

  • Base URL – the URL to the document.
  • RA - right-ascension in the J2000 coordinate system (decimal degrees).
  • Dec - declination in the J2000 coordinate system (decimal degrees.)
  • Search Radius - search radius in decimal degrees.
  • Verbosity - specifies how many columns are to be returned in the resulting table, with low meaning the bare minimum and high being the full width of the resulting table, which may be hundreds of columns............................Continue At Source