Windows Live Clubhouse and new Windows Live site launches on Aug. 4th

Posted by vasudev on August 4 2008, 4:53 PM. Posted in Windows Live.

 ch Windows Live Clubhouse, a different kind of community built with most avid users of Windows Live products, where they will share their experience in using Windows Live products. Here you will find best of tips and techniques shared by them.You can find how you can make use of Windows Live in your busy life, How it can help to make your busy life better.

At present the Windows Live Clubhouse Spaces is invite only, where you can also have an On-Demand Guided Tour of New Windows Live Clubhouse to get a sneak peek.

Apart from Windows Live Clubhouse, a new site (or it may be and the broader Windows Live Community will be launched on Aug. 4th

So get ready for the launch and get familiar with Live products with great tips, tutorials and everything about Windows Live before a new wave, wave 3 of new Windows Live products gets introduced later in the months to come.


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