Windows, Linux tussle with Unix

Posted by spy on December 27 2005, 4:47 PM. Posted in Windows x64.

With 64-bit versions of Microsoft's enterprise software stack hitting the market, competition in that space is likely to get stiffer. It should also give a boost to the Redmond giant's ongoing efforts to get India Inc to make the shift to Windows Server 2003 the uptake of which has been a tad slow. The 64-bit software has traditionally been run upon RISC servers over various Unix flavours. Indian enterprises have predominantly used RISC-based servers for mission-critical deployments. Moreover, Linux going 64-bit on x86 and Itanium before Windows didn't really spur the adoption of Windows Server 2003. While Microsoft would like to take the fight to the Unix camp, it will have to deal with Red Hat and Novell first. 64-bit platforms are irresistible for software vendors as all mission-critical applications run on them. Microsoft has been a late entrant here. Thanks to aggressive marketing, it is gaining acceptance in the enterprise segment. Demand for the Itanium-Windows combination is picking up. Vaibhav Phadnis, Director, Server BG, Microsoft says, "In the last six months we have worked with 20 customers who have shifted to Itanium-based servers running Windows Server 2003. All these deals are for mission-critical applications." Continue At Source