Windows Azure is now fun for IT Pro’s with IaaS support

Posted by bink on June 26 2012, 8:30 PM.

Today at MS Teched Europe 2012 Mark Russinovich demoed new Windows Azure functionality during the keynote. While this was announced 2 weeks ago at TechED North America, I now got a better insight.

Since Windows Azure was announced in 2007 it was mostly targetted at developers to create or port their .NET app for the Windows Azure platform, later other application suppor was added too. But with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) a whole new world of possibilities opens and finaly exciting for IT Pro’s.

You can now add VM’s in the cloud based on pre-defined templates (WinOS/Linux flavours) or upload your own prepped VHD.


So you can use these VM’s to run practically anything, like your line of business app or even your disaster recovery site, including with domain controllers.

You can also use it to have a global low latency off premise presence for domain controllers/DNS or any other server/service.

You’ll need a SSL VPN site to site connection setup between your on-premise and Azure cloud.

These new features are in preview phase, meaning you can use them at 2/3 of the price until general availability.

So try this out now, signup for Windows Azure trial free, enable new Azure interface.

When signed up you’ll see Virtual Machine greyed out, click on it and apply for the Virtual Machine and Virtual Network preview program. This is not free, but low priced untill General Availability.