Windows 7 Family Pack available for Europe

Posted by RayC on August 25 2009, 1:28 AM. Posted in Windows 7.

Starting with the launch of Windows 7 on October 22nd, customers will be able to buy a Family Pack in the US & Canada. This allows users to install Windows 7 Home Premium on up to 3 existing Windows PCs for a reduced price. It’s an easy and cost effective way to get customers entire household on Windows 7.

I can now tell you of several more countries that will have a chance to take advantage of this great deal: the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden. This will also be a limited offer, but is just one more way that our customers can save on Windows 7.

So what changed to make this possible? Basically, the fact that we are now able to have an upgrade version of Windows 7 available at launch.

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