Windows 2003 SP1 beta starting soon

Posted by bink on September 3 2003, 8:17 PM. Posted in Windows (general).

In the next couple of weeks Microsoft will be starting on the Service Pack 1 betaprogram for Windows Server 2003. MS is expecting to go to RTM with this inJanuary 2004.

Unlike most service pack releases, this is going to be a fairly big deal asit will introduce 3 major elements into Windows Server 2003;

X-86-64 support for the AMD's Opteron processor

IA-64 support for Intel's Itanium II CPU into the Standard Edition (it obviously already exists in Enterprise & Datacenter)

The IA-32 Execution Layer - A software technology that will roughly double the performance of 32-bit applications running on the Itanium processor family-based platforms