What’s new in Windows Server 8 beta Remote Desktop Services

Posted by bink on March 1 2012, 11:40 PM.

Improved management experience, rich user experience over any network

Management Experience:

  • Support for Win7 Guest OS in VM collections
  • Highly available infrastructure
  • Certificate management and other UI simplification
  • RD Web Access support for third-party browsers and password change

User Experience

  • DX11 support added to RemoteFX VGPU
  • RemoteFX Media Remoting support for all video types (besides flash: Silverlight, HTML5, QuickTime.
  • RemoteFX for WAN performance improvements. I have seen a demo on a simulated transcontinental WAN (<1.5 Mbps, ~250 ms round trip time latency) It showed smooth page live scrolling and Full screen PDF scrolling a CAD application moving live 3D rendered objects, and a youtube Video playing smooth compared to Windows 7 end point.

Below are Remote Desktop Services test lab guides:

Test Lab Guide-Deploying RD Licensing

Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server "8" Beta

Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate Remote Desktop Services Desktop Virtualization in Windows Server "8" Beta