What’s New in Windows Server 8 Beta: Cluster Self updating

Posted by bink on March 3 2012, 5:08 PM.

The Self-updating Mode enables the Cluster-Aware Updating feature to be configured as a workload on the failover cluster that is to be updated, with update schedules that can be determined by an administrator.

Fault-tolerant updating for failover clusters

Cluster-aware updating

  • New cluster updating technology in Windows Server “8”
  • Two modes: remote updating and self-updating (new in Beta)

“Self-updating cluster”:

  • Updates cluster on a user-defined schedule
  • Runs on the cluster, but resilient to unplanned and planned downtime

Key administrator benefits

  • Scheduled, automatic installation of updates
  • Simplified management of cluster-in-a-box deployments (e.g. branch office)