Virginian University Announces Alliance With Fujitsu and Microsoft

Posted by bink on July 2 2006, 1:49 AM. Posted in Tablet PC.

Virginia Tech's College of Engineering has announced an industry alliance with Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation and Microsoft Corp. to support its new Tablet PC computing initiative for incoming freshmen.

The alliance between Fujitsu, Microsoft, and Virginia Tech will offer engineering students high levels of hardware and software purchasing power and support, and will also provide students, faculty, and staff with training and assistance throughout the development and implementation of new models of teaching and learning.

The Fujitsu LifeBook(r) T4000 Series convertible Tablet PC combines the convenience and familiarity of a notebook with the powerful and versatile functionality of a slate Tablet PC. In conventional notebook mode, the Tablet PC offers a keyboard for typing. By rotating and folding the screen it transforms into a tablet configuration. Using a stylus, students can make handwritten notes and drawings in a manner comparable to the way in which pen and paper are used. The LifeBook T4000 Series convertible Tablet PC offers a bright 12.1" display with greater than 160 deg. viewing angles. It is the only convertible Tablet PC on the market with a built-in modular bay that supports an optical drive or second battery for those extra long school days.

"We selected the Fujitsu LifeBook T4000 Series convertible Tablet PC based on its reliability and flexibility, as well as the company's ability to support learning experiences in or outside of the classroom," said Glenda Scales, associate dean for computing and distance learning, College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. "In our deliberations, we also balanced price, weight, service, screen size and years of corporate experience with Tablet PCs. While several vendors met our minimum computer requirements and were strong in a particular area, by selecting Fujitsu hardware we were able to meet the majority of our educational requirements for a Tablet PC."

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