Update to the Hotmail rollout

Posted by sumeethevans on June 30 2010, 6:04 AM. Posted in Windows Live Hotmail.

There is a lot of excitement about the new Hotmail, and we are certainly eager to get the latest release into the hands of all our customers. Several of you have asked, “When will the new Hotmail come to my country?” As we mentioned in our earlier announcement, we don’t roll out by country (or by language, or anything else like that). We have a mix of customers from around the world in each cluster, and we roll out all languages simultaneously. So, unfortunately, there is no way of predicting exactly when your account will get the new Hotmail.

Two weeks ago, we started the Hotmail rollout with a single cluster. Right now, a few million customers have the new Hotmailless than 1% of our customer base. We roll out new software slowly at first in order to give our engineers a chance to study the new software running at scale with real customers.

When we roll out new software, we typically find a few things that we want to tweak before going out more broadly. Most of these things are actually invisible to our customers – they usually have to do with our ability to monitor the site or make the rollout itself go more smoothly.

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