TV show interview with Steve Ballmer

Posted by bink on October 12 2009, 2:14 AM. Posted in Steve Ballmer.

As you know Steve Ballmer was in The Netherlands last week to launch Windows 7, right after the keynote in The Hague he went to Rotterdam to record a TV show "Nova College Tour" at the Erasmus University. The show has a host and students as an audience, both ask questions.

Again very interesting to hear and see Ballmer. In the show they talk about his early life, competing, his goals in life and more.

The show just aired, but is already online, nice fact is that this was for me one of the first non-sport-event broadcasted in HD here in the Netherlands.

(Show starts in Dutch, but as soon as Ballmer enters its English with Ducth subtitles, 41  minutes, 500 Kbits 16:9) 

Also in SilverLight now: