TS and Connected TS Clients Pause When a TS Client Logs On or Logs Off

Posted by bink on October 9 2003, 8:46 PM. Posted in Windows 2000.

When a Terminal Services client logs on or logs off (either in a session or on the console of the Terminal server), the Windows 2000-based Terminal server together with the connected Terminal Services client computers may stop responding or may pause for several seconds. Users may also experience one or more of the follow symptoms:Symptoms

When a user types in a document, characters do not appear on the screen until this pause has ended.

Keyboard input and mouse input are queued, but they are not processed until this pause has ended.

Live performance monitoring (Perfmon) graphs have missing data points during this pause.

All running programs appear to stop responding, or "hang," during this pause.

  • When Spooler is under a load from a large number of users, a high CPU usage is displayed for it.ResolutionA hotfix that can be obtained at Microsoft Product Support Services.This hotfix replaces a lot of critical system files on Windows 2000 systems with services pack 3 installed. The hotfix is about 14MB! Wow.After you install the hotfix and restart the computer, you must turn on the Power Protect write cache option for each hard disk that has write caching enabled and that has its write cache protected against accidental loss of power.You must also configure several registry subkeys on the Terminal server.More information: Q324446This article was recently modified. Probably based on customers' experiences. Kous.net