Infrastructure Planning and Design guide for Malware Response (beta)

Posted by bink on December 19 2010, 4:18 AM.

New Guide Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Malware Response Beta. This guide replaces the popular Malware Removal Starter Kit: How to Combat Malware Using Windows PE.

About the guide. Plan the best and most cost-effective response to malicious software by using the Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Malware Response. This guide assists organizations in determining the appropriate response strategy to an incident or outbreak of malware. The guide discusses three primary recovery methods: cleaning the system, recovering system state, and rebuilding the system. Each method presents different risks to the organization. The guide also describes approaches to investigating outbreaks and cleaning infected systems. Read this guide to make an informed decision about how to return the systems to operation while limiting the organization’s exposure.

Download the Beta! Get the Infrastructure Planning and Design guide for Malware Response by visiting the Microsoft Connect Web site at:

Tell us what you think! Download and review the beta guide then send your feedback to by January 11, 2011. We would especially appreciate feedback in the following areas:

· Usefulness – Is the technical depth of this guide sufficient for the topics covered? Will this guide be useful to you on a day-to-day basis? What portions of the guide are the most useful to your organization?

· Usability – Is the structure or flow of this guide effective? Is the information presented in a clear and logical manner? Can you easily find key content? Are the instructions for creating an offline scanning kit easy to follow?

· Impact – Do you anticipate that this guide will save you time and accelerate deployment of Microsoft security products in your organization? Has this guide had a positive influence on your opinion of the Microsoft technologies it addresses?

We look forward to hearing from you! Your input helps to make each guide as helpful and useful as possible. Thanks in advance for taking the time to review the Infrastructure Planning and Design for Malware Response.