The Windows Live Wave 4 rumor mill

Posted by bink on November 3 2009, 2:54 AM. Posted in Live ID (Passport).



Will this be the release that finally gets tabbed conversations?  A commenter on claims to have seen just that:

# November 2009 on Tuesday, February 10: 14 pm I have used M1 version, there is already a tab chat features

Now we’ve seen hints about tabs in previous versions, as the LiveSino post points out, so we’re not getting our hopes up.  Tabbed chatting has to be the #1 feature request  for Messenger, though, so we’ll hold out hope.

Windows Live Writer:

News of Writer’s demise may be exaggerated, at least in the short term.  One Twitter user was quite impressed with what he saw:

The new internal Windows Live build is so awesome that I skipped a beat as I launched Writer.

Documents and Devices:

We told you before about a couple of new tabs we spotted, and it looks like Wave 4 will at least begin to bring Live Mesh and Office Web Apps more firmly into the Windows Live experience.


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