The Windows 8 Task Manager

Posted by bink on October 14 2011, 2:38 PM.

Task Manager is one of the most widely used apps, and it has a long history. It showed up in early versions of Windows as a simple utility to close and switch between programs, and has had functionality added to it through several releases to make it what it is today.

Windows 3.0 Task List, with buttons: Switch To, End Task, Cancel, Cascade, Tile, Arrange Icons.

Figure 1: Windows 3.0 Task List

Windows NT 4.0 Task Manager with buttons: End Task, Switch To, New Task; and 3 tabs: Applications, Processes, and Performance Figure 2: Windows NT 4.0 Task Manager (now with “new task”)

Windows XP Task Manager with new Networking and Users tabs Figure 3: Windows XP Task Manager (with new Networking and Users tabs)

Windows 7 Task Manager with tabs for Applications, Processes, Services, Performance, Networking, Users; and buttons: End Task, Switch To, New Task. Figure 4: Windows 7 Task Manager

New Windows Task Manager in More details view, with arrow indicating “Fewer details” button.

Windows 8 Task Manager

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