The new version of Live Meeting is coming, get ready, join the Beta.

Posted by sumeethevans on September 12 2007, 9:13 PM. Posted in Live Meeting.

Just wanted to remind you all that the Live Meeting service is in for a major upgrade.  It’s a very exciting new release with big improvements to help make your meetings more engaging and productive. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p><o:p minmax_bound="true"> </o:p>As an XML API developer you need to be prepared for the migration.  We are still using version 4 of the XML-API, and our goal is not to break existing programs.  However, some changes have been made to support the new features available in LM8.  You should take the time to test your applications against the new version.  To help you in this effort we are offering an API specific beta.  Details of that Beta are below.  Please sign up soon as the nomination period will end soon.<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p><o:p minmax_bound="true"> </o:p><o:p minmax_bound="true"> </o:p>LM8 API Beta Overview<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>Office Live Meeting (8.0) builds on the foundations of the current Live Meeting offering for Web conferencing with multi-party audio, video and data collaboration.  The LM8 API Beta program will provide participants early access to the next generation of Office Live Meeting.  Benefits to LM8 API Beta participants include:<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>·         Early access to Office Live Meeting and related technologies<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Live Meeting console (8.0)o   Live Meeting Outlook Add-ins<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Live Meeting APIs<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Live Meeting documentation<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>·         Access to Office Live Meeting conference center<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Dedicated conference center, isolated from your existing production environment, to assist with development and testing efforts<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>·         Access to dedicated program site <o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Program and product announcements<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Software and documentation for download<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Feedback and bug submission channel<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>·         Dedicated program support<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Newsgroup to discuss product-related issues with other LM8 API Beta customers and LM8 API Beta vTeam <o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>o   Support through dedicated “Beta Buddies”<o:p minmax_bound="true"></o:p>

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