The Engadget Show with Steve Ballmer

Posted by sumeethevans on October 23 2009, 1:16 AM. Posted in Site News.

So Steven and I are in NY to attend the Windows 7 Launch. We decided to stop by and check out the Engadget Show with Steve Ballmer. Keep refreshing to see updated news and pictures live from the event.

Engadget is providing a live stream of the event at their site. For those who cannot watch at work, keep hitting that F5 key.


2:19 Show is supposed to start at 2:30. Getting everyone situated. This place has seating for 340 people looks like its filling up pretty quick.

2:20 By the way, Rafael Riviera from WithinWindows and Tom Warren from Neowin are here too.

2:27 Still waiting. Hope the show starts pretty much on time.

2:33 Nothing yet. Oh by the way we are at The Times Center on 41st St in NY, so if you are around, stop by, I am sure you can still get in.

2:39 Ground rules being announced. Should start in 2 mins.

2:51 Music Playing. Joshua Topolsky walks onto the stage.

2:53 Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft Walks out.

2:54 Steve says that every morning, before he does everything, he listens to sports radio AM, not HD FM on Zune HD.

2:56 Steve says that Vista was not a failure, and since the audience here actually cares about the facts, Vista was adopted pretty well, however, we dont need to talk about it today because today is a good day(Windows 7 launch).

2:57 Says he loves Windows 7. His kids love the homegroup feature. Wireless networking changes his life. Loves Direct Access, connecting back to work, streaming media since he uses his machine a lot on the road.

3:00 IMG_0359 IMG_0361

3:03 Ballmer says in the Tech world, if you dont move forward you die. Microsoft has the resources to try many things. MS will keep moving forward in Phones, PC’s, Search, Server/Cloud, Productivity and as many areas to make the 90K people at MS work at something.

3:05 Lot of opportunity to improve and will make an impact.

3:06 Question on Mobile. Ballmer showing off his windows phone. HD2? MS still has work to do. However, the smartphone market is not that huge.

3:09 What happened with Sidekick/Danger? Bought a small company and should have accelerated the move from their technology to MS. Shame on MS since they did not do it well with moving Danger over even though it was bought a while ago.

3:11 There will be a balanced model between devices and the cloud.

3:12 Where is the tighter integration with the cloud. Why is Zune not on Mobile or XBox etc. Apple can build everything in the OS, but since Windows is more regulated, there is more work to be done.

3:13 Windows mobile releases will come often. Next Windows Mobile will be with Zune.

3:15 Zune is very important for MS. Might not capture a great market share, but work will need to be done continuously. Lot of synergy in the iPhone platform and MS will go strongly after it. Next release.

3:19 Enjoy beating Apple as well as back. 9 out of 10 people pick a PC over Apple and he is happy with that.

3:20 Go to Bestbuy and buy 3 machines and a monitor for the price of a iMac.

3:24 Does not comment on the leaked Courier device.

3:35 Project Pink – We are glad to work closely with hardware vendors. As of today he does not see MS manufacturing, pricing, selling etc a hardware device.

3:26 Steve Ballmer’s passion in the company. He likes everyone of his kids(developments). He gets excited doing lots of things. However the ability to transform for example UI, blowing people away with UI, functionality. What is phenomenal is supporting business and IT organizations do better.

3:28 Does he think he has a handle at MS. He does not grade MS on the economy, but the ability to change the company to align to the economic change. MS has to innovate, execute and work hard.

Thats it folks. The show is over.