TechEd Keynote Bill Veghte Announces. Windows 7 Ship Date.

Posted by sumeethevans on May 12 2009, 12:25 AM. Posted in TechEd 2008.

Here are the announcements in the Keynote by Bill Veghte

-SQL Server 2008 R2 Technical Preview H2 of 2009

-Office 2010 Technical Preview in July. It will be invitation only. Will be available to TechEd Attendees.

-Announcing work with Intel around the Nehalem Platform and the optimizations around hyperthreading in a multi-core system.

-MDOP will continue to deliver on the innovations even out of band release cycles.

-Showed a Demo/Sneak Peek at Office 2010. Outlook ribbon UI looks good.

-Mark Russinovich showed APP-V, MED-V, Win 7 bitlocker, Powershell, Win 7 features etc.

-Windows 7 will RTM this Holiday Season. Consumers should be able to purchase a Windows 7 preloaded PC this Christmas.

-Hyper V will now support 64 logical Processors.

-Hyper-V compatibility mode for older machines.

-File classification Infrastructure in Server 2008 R2. Set extended properties on files. Built in OCR to classify files.

-Rights Management in Exchange 2010 etc.

-Virtualization in R2, Live Migration, Clustered Shared Volumes, Hot Add & Remove VHD.

-PRO Scripts in SCVMM feature.Used to do Live Migration demo.