System Center 2012 Gets Generous Licensing Changes

Posted by bink on January 17 2012, 11:27 PM.

The soon to be released System Center 2012 product suite will get a huge licensing overhaul.

Where the current System Center 2010 suite contains 110(!) licensing items, SC 2012 will only have 2, yep that’s right only 2 choices of SKU’s and that is for the whole suite of SC products!

That’s not all, these licenses also include SQL licenses if a SC 2012 component requires it.

That is still not all, besides Opalis and AVICode now being fully integrated in 2012 a new SC product is included in 2012: App Controller and…..

Forefront endpoint protection (anti-malware)!


So that is 8 System Center products included in 2 license forms:


An OSE is Operating System Environment.

Each license is for a dual processor machine, that is 2 physical processors, not cores. So maybe use the term socket to avoid the proc/core confusion Smile.

Standard SKU 1,300 USD per 2 proc

Datacenter SKU 3,600 USD per 2 proc (socket), includes SQL runtime



And there is still more, the licensing transition plan is also very generous!


Also available in combination of the ECI licensing, with minimum of 25 initial purchase.


Now compare the new licensing with Vmware:



Some examples which license is most economical


More system center 2012 news later this week.