Sphere Microsoft Surface more than just a rumor

Posted by sumeethevans on April 22 2008, 9:53 PM. Posted in Surface.

A month ago, Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley reported that sources were telling her of a Microsoft Surface computer in the shape of a sphere. Long Zheng, another Microsoft Watcher, recently discovered a Microsoft Research video which includes a few things we've never seen before. Long noticed an interesting implementation of Windows desktop search at 1:36:

What Long missed (and it's not exactly hard to do considering the pace of the video) is the Sphere Microsoft Surface computer being used between 3:57 and 3:59. Commenter "Bas" caught it though, and pointed it out on Long's blog. Here are some blurry screenshots of what he saw:

It's not really clear what Microsoft wants to achieve with a sphere version of the Microsoft Surface (obviously you can't put objects down and let them interact with the Surface if it's a sphere). However, it is very interesting that there is a working prototype. It's much easier to get all those infrared cameras covering on one plane, but covering 360 degrees in a three dimensional space is a real technological masterpiece.

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