Solution Guide for Migrating HPC Applications from UNIX to Windows

Posted by bink on January 15 2004, 2:57 PM. Posted in Unix.

Solution Guide for Migrating High Performance Computing (HPC) Applications from UNIX to Windows

This guide is designed to provide process and technical guidance to help you migrate your existing HPC applications from UNIX to Microsoft® Windows®, as well as set up the required HPC infrastructure (including hardware, network connectivity, and software tools) to run those applications on Windows. It will help you choose the optimal HPC system architecture for your business, and once you have made that choice, it provides detailed guidance for you to plan, migrate, deploy, and operate your HPC system. The guide can also be used to create a Windows-based HPC application and HPC infrastructure from scratch, without migrating from a UNIX environment, although this use is not its primary purpose.This guide discusses the planning and implementation of four types of HPC systems on Windows. These are symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), massively parallel multiprocessing (MPP), a network of workstations (NOW), and Web service-load balanced systems (WS-LB). The primary audience for the guide includes two groups: the decision-making/planning group (information technology (IT) directors, architects, senior engineers, program managers, and project managers ) and the implementation group (developers, testers, and system administrators).