SoftGrid 4.1 SP1 and 4.2 HFRU2 Now Available

Posted by sumeethevans on February 22 2008, 10:55 AM. Posted in SoftGrid.

I am pleased to announce public availability of SoftGrid 4.1 SP1 and 4.2 HFRU2.

This cumulative update for SoftGrid v4.1 SP1 and v4.2 provides the latest updates to SoftGrid.  In addition to stability improvements, this update contains the following changes:

  • The log level of the "Error reading from socket" message is now Debug. Therefore, the message does not appear in the Sft-server.log and the Windows event log at the default log level when you use SoftGrid Virtual Application Servers together with a hardware load balancer. 
  • SoftGrid Sequencer now preserves OSD GUIDs when it opens SoftGrid v3.2 sequencings for a package upgrade.
  • Intermittent "0xBE" Stop errors that occur at system start on multiprocessor computers have been addressed.

New capabilities

This update provides the following new capabilities:

  • SoftGrid now supports deployment of Virtual Application .msi files that are generated by the MSI Utility for Microsoft Application Virtualization to SoftGrid clients that are running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server and that have Terminal Services enabled.
  • SoftGrid 4.2 HFRU2 now supports Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1).

Please Note:  The 4.1 SP1 KB article incorrectly identifies Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) as a new capability of 4.1 SP1 HFRU2.  We're in the process of changing the article now so you should see it updated soon.

SoftGrid 4.1 SP1 HFRU2 Bits:

SoftGrid 4.2 HFRU2 Bits: