Security360 Recap: Balancing Security and Mobility

Posted by bink on January 21 2006, 2:31 AM. Posted in Webcasts.

The monthly Microsoft webcast discusses challenges, tips and tactics for securing mobile devices.

PDAs, smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs — more and more, mobile devices are a part of the IT mixture for companies of all sizes as they look for ways to keep mobile professionals connected to their information while on the go. Yet many companies do not have policies or technologies in place to effectively address the specific needs, uses and risks posed by mobile technology.

As the use of mobile devices and technologies expands, and as more companies allow business-critical information to be transmitted by and stored on them, will these powerful mini-computers become the next target for hackers and viruses? What steps can companies and their mobile work forces take today to incorporate devices into their organization and ensure they are an integral part of its ability to compete?

These questions and more were addressed and dissected at this month’s Microsoft Security360 roundtable discussion, hosted via webcast by Microsoft’s Mike Nash, corporate vice president of the Security Technology Unit, and Amy Roberts, director of product management for the Security Technology Unit.

As with every month’s Security360, Nash and Roberts come together with industry experts to examine real-world security concerns and educate viewers about strategies and technologies that can help protect an organization's security infrastructure. Every Security360 webcast features a checklist of recommendations and resources, a roundtable discussion with Roberts, in-studio interviews by Nash, as well as a live question-and-answer session with Nash and guests.

Guests for January’s show included Scott Shell, development lead for Microsoft’s Mobile Devices Product Group; David Shier, Microsoft MVP and wireless tech editor for Pocket PC-Smartphone Magazine; David Friedlander, a senior analyst with Forrester Research; Tommy Morris, director of mobile computing for the United States Army Medical Research and Material Command, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center; Tomas Vetrovsky, GPM of Global Client Hardware for Microsoft Corp.; Mike Grady, Messaging Services Portfolio Manager for Hewlett-Packard Co.; and John Bowden, CIO of Lifetime ProductsContinue At Source