SAK 3.0 anytime now?

Posted by bink on September 10 2003, 9:58 PM. Posted in Server Appliance.

Now that Windows Storage Server 2003 (NAS 3.0) has been launched I guess we can expect SAK 3.0 anytime now!

The Microsoft Server Appliance Kit 3.0 was scheduled to release shortly after the release of Windows Server 2003. SAK 3.0 will enable OEMs, IHVs and ISVs to build Windows Powered Server Appliances that utilize the new Windows Server 2003 operating system.

In addition to the new technologies included within Windows Server 2003, SAK 3.0 will add several enhancements to the Web User Interface, add new plug-ins specifically for Network Attached Storage (NAS) server appliances, and provide robust how-to documentation on how to best use the new toolkit.

Please note: SAK 3.0 will no longer provide a turnkey solution for building Web server appliances. OEMs wishing to manufacture Web server appliances powered by Windows Server 2003 will have a new turnkey solution with the new Windows Server 2003, Web Edition.

To view additional Microsoft Server Appliance Kit product information, please visit the Technical Resources page.

To download the SAK and related software, please visit the Downloads page.