Rumor: Jasper Motherboard in the Wild: 256MB Internal 'MU', 150W PSU,

Posted by sumeethevans on December 2 2008, 11:46 AM. Posted in Xbox.

It looks like the first Jasper motherboards (which should have the new 65nm GPU) are now out in the wild!Moddage posted pictures of his new Jasper 360 on our forums (here and here) and we also received some pictures from The Dude Z. Both are Arcade SKUs made 10-23-2008 Lot #0843X by Team FDOU.

Xbox 360 Jasper Xbox 360 Jasper

The new power supply is now 150W (25W less than those used with Falcon boards) and the plug has of course been changed so u can't plugin this PSU into an older motherboard.

Xbox 360 Jasper Xbox 360 Jasper

Other unannounced change ... the onboard flash chip has grown from 16MB to 256MB. Microsoft included internal memory storage, so the Arcade SKU now ships without (external) Memory Unit and the new NXE dash will install fully on the flashchip (rather than requiring a HDD or external MU). But the internal memory can also be used to store gamesave data, XBLA games, videos or whatever ... u can use it asif it was an external MU. As the flash chip is also used for the kernel/keyvault/dash etc there seems to be about 214MB left according to scoldingice on our forums to store your own stuff (this is prior NXE install, if you install NXE it will take most of the space).

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