Rewards program boosts Microsoft search share

Posted by sumeethevans on July 17 2007, 5:23 AM. Posted in MSN.

While Google remained the top Web search engine in the U.S. in June, Microsoft's share rose nearly 3 percent from the previous month as a result of a Microsoft program that offers rewards to people for using the Live Search site.

Microsoft's search share rose from 10.3 percent in May to 13.2 percent in June, according to the latest figures from ComScore, released on Monday. Microsoft's Live Search Club, which awards points to participants that can be redeemed for T-shirts, software and other items, was launched in late May. The company began testing the program earlier in the year, calling it MSN Search and Win.

Apparently, the program is paying off. The number of queries on Microsoft's search site rose 36 percent in June because of Live Search Club, ComScore said.

Microsoft was the only one of the top five search sites to register a month-over-month share gain. stayed the same at 5 percent. Google's share dropped 1.2 percent to 49.5 percent, from 50.7 percent. Yahoo's share fell 1.3 percent to 25.1 percent, and Time Warner's AOL was down 0.4 percent.