Remembering September 11th

Posted by sbink on September 11 2003, 6:54 PM. Posted in Site News.

I would like to take a moment to remember September 11th, with all the visitors.

A blog entry, which I just made, reproduced below:

I was in Earth Science, with a substitute teacher on that horrible morning.  Someone came on the public address system informing us that there has been an attack on the World Trade Center, and if we knew anyone that worked in or near it, to leave class and to call them.

My mom works in lower Manhattan - you could see the two awesome towers from the floor-to-ceiling window in her office's lobby.  I quickly called her, and was unable to get through to her cell phone.  After a few tries, I called my dad.  He assured me that she was alright, and was on her way home.

My mom - who is by no stretch a person who is in shape - was forced to walk across the entire Manhattan island - over the 59th Street Bridge, to Astoria.

When I got off the phone with her, I remember pausing to think if I knew anyone working in there.  I quickly recalled hearing stories of my friend's father - who worked on the 70th floor of the North Tower.  For the following periods of the day, I remember frantically looking for him - just to ask him the one question on all of his friend's mind - “Is he alright.”  The ending for his story is good - he made it out safely. 

My friends father's company, on the other hand, didn't.  For many other people the story turned out very tragically.  Thousands of children lost their fathers.  Hundreds of wives lost their husbands.  The New York City Fire Department lost countless firemen.

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A link to the entry is here:  It may get updated with some more stories, if I feel in the mood to share them.