Refrigerator offers door-mounted tablet PC

Posted by bink on January 22 2008, 1:07 AM. Posted in Tablet PC.

Data Evolution will use Windows CE to build a tablet PC designed for refrigerator door mounting. The "Clio Vu" PC will work with Whirlpool's already-shipping GD5VVAXT refrigerator, which boasts a door-mounted "centralpark" port suitable for DVD players, photo-frames, satellite radios, and other devices, according to Whirlpool.

Previous Internet-enabled refrigerators have received a frosty reception from consumers, who apparently believe that add-on electronics will be broken or obsolete long before the appliance comes to the end of its life. Whirlpool's response is the "centralpark" interface, a powered accessory port located on the top edge of the GD5VVAXT's freezer compartment door. This allows devices to be attached to the refrigerator, yet remains hidden when not in use, according to the company.

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