Re-enabling creation of Linked IDs

Posted by sumeethevans on August 19 2011, 8:15 AM. Posted in Windows Live.

Today we are beginning to re-enable the ability to create new Linked IDs. This change is rolling out in the next couple days and should be complete this week.

For some customers – particularly power users – you’ve told us that it’s essential to be able to juggle multiple accounts. Over the last year we’ve added several powerful new ways to do this – specifically aliases and email aggregation (“POP aggregation), on top of existing features like “plus addresses”. Each of these is a great solution designed to help a different scenario:

  • Aliases and plus addresses are a great way to create unique email addresses – great to manage a particular event (shopping for a car or planning wedding for example) or to manage mail from marketing sites.
  • Email aggregation is a great way to take multiple accounts from different email providers and consolidate them all in your Hotmail inbox.

As we have made these changes, we looked at how most people use Linked IDs and found that, for the most part, they were used to solve exactly these problems – managing multiple email addresses and accounts. In our major update last month, one of the things we did is turn off the ability to create new Linked IDs, instead encouraging use of our new features. However it became clear from listening to your feedback that there were many people who used Linked IDs for other reasons, and so we are making a change today to re-enable the creation of Linked IDs.

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