Publishing Exchange Server 2010 with Forefront UAG and Forefront TMG

Posted by bink on July 17 2010, 9:11 PM.

By allowing remote access to Microsoft Exchange to users who are based outside the safety of the corporate network, an organization enables its employees to take full advantage of the technology their company provides. Remote access lets employees use many devices to communicate with their peers and customers from any place and at any time.

Allowing access to corporate resources from any location, perhaps using devices that are not controlled by the organization, presents additional risk to the security of the data and services being accessed. Therefore it's critical to take measures to ensure that the data is being accessed securely, which means implementing technologies such as certificates, firewalls, enforcing pre-authentication, and device or endpoint validation. The key concept to understand is that applying security to any solution is a multi-layered task that includes identifying the threats, reducing the attack surface area, removing unnecessary access points, and enforcing authentication. The casual attacker will usually give up after a few failed attempts to access a resource.

When you publish Exchange, Microsoft offers two software-based options: Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 (Forefront TMG) and Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010 (Forefront UAG). Both options offer publishing wizards and security features to provide secure access to Exchange when it's accessed from outside the safety of the corporate network.

There are other ways to publish Exchange besides using Forefront TMG or Forefront UAG. This technical guide isn’t intended to provide the only information you use for a complex organization or one with special security constraints. Instead, it’s intended only as a walkthrough to help you publish Exchange on both these platforms, using basic configuration options. If you have a large organization, it’s likely that you’ll need additional applications or have to factor in additional security considerations. Such applications and security considerations are beyond the scope of this document.

This white paper provides detailed information about publishing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 using Forefront TMG or Forefront UAG, including how to choose between them for different scenarios, and provides specific steps you can take to configure Forefront TMG and Forefront UAG to publish Exchange 2010.


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