Project Emporia Alpha Preview

Posted by sumeethevans on May 28 2010, 5:23 AM. Posted in Live Labs.

Project Emporia filters updates from the Twitter public feed and automatically develops lenses on topics based on the likes/dislike preference of readers, providing suggested insight into what’s happening in Twitter around that topic seen through people’s eyes. There is no login required to browse by topic and filter down by relevance. This allows people who have never used Twitter to search for useful information about topics they are interested in. For example, by choosing the ‘technology’ lens with four stars of relevance, you would see results of what people are talking about from the public Twitter feed and, as a result, what’s happening now in the technology industry. If you chose to broaden the search, you could go to only two stars for additional results around related technology topics to appear. Or you can also simply search by topic removing the relevance filter.

Project Emporia provides a new, crowd-sourced form of web search by aggregating the relevant tweets with web links around a topic and viewing them as support votes for the links. Type ‘Microsoft’ and filter down by one star relevance in the ‘technology’ lens to get a list of web links about the latest technologies from Microsoft rated highly relevant by the Twitter community. Or change to the ‘business’ lens to get highly rated web links about Microsoft’s businesses.

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