Popfly July Update

Posted by vasudev on July 22 2008, 8:06 AM. Posted in Popfly.

 There are number of updates announced by Popfly team:

  • Game High Scores. Popfly games now support automatic tracking of your high scores and win/loss records. You can compare your performance among your friends and make new friends with other players. When you turn your Popfly game into a Facebook game, you get all these features (and more) among your Facebook friends.
  • Alternate Block. In the mashup "tweak" view we've added the idea of alternative blocks -- blocks that can be substituted for each other since they are functionally equivalent. For example, you can now easily substitute a carousel output block for a photo tile output block since they both take the same input.
  • Rating System Facelift. We gave the ratings system a facelift. Instead of giving projects a 1-5 star rating, you can now choose to become a “fan” of any project. The new system is a lot more like the system used on Digg, where you can give something a thumbs-up.
  • Improved Combine Block. The old combine block could combine at most three fields from three inputs. The new combine block can take multiple blocks and combine them.
  • Actor Reordering. By default, actors added to a scene are rendered on top of actors added earlier (if they overlap). Now you can reorder your actor instances at any time.
  • Behavior Reordering. The order you list your behaviors can matter, and now you can reorder them at any time.
  • Filter Behaviors by Scenes. Do you want an actor to behave one way in one scene, but a different way in another? You can now do this easily with scene filtering.....................And many more........................Continue At Source