Poll suggest Microsoft should drop Vista

Posted by spy on January 9 2009, 6:59 PM. Posted in Opinion, Windows Vista.

 I just came across a snap poll on the front page of the CNN website. No real surprise that (currently) 78% of respondents answered 'Yes' to the question of "Should Microsoft ditch Vista?". There was a significant number of voters, see below for a snapshot of the results.  

Should Microsoft ditch Vista?
Yes 78% 132249
No 22% 36707
Total Votes: 168956


As I said, it's no surprise really, with the beta release of Windows 7 there is already a significant buz in the IT industry that this release might actually be a significant improvement on Vista.  The enterprise administrators I have spoken with are, as always, non-commital at this stage however most recognise that the lifecycle of XP will soon be at an end.  If W7 lives up to expectations it could well see implementation in the enterprise space that never happened with Vista.  IMHO.