PDC: This event is so hot, the T-Shirts caught on fire!

Posted by MBrant on October 6 2008, 3:22 AM. Posted in PDC 2008.

We all know this PDC is going to be a fantastic one. However it seems this PDC is too hot to handle, even for printing presses. The PDC blog posted the following:

Early Tuesday morning, September 30th, Pacific Sportswear Inc., the contract screenprinter for eCompany Store, had a fire in the facility producing the PDC attendee t-shirts.  The PDC T-shirts were damaged. Pacific Sportswear ordered more shirts and found another printing facility in Tacoma to print the shirts in time for shipping to L.A.. I just came back from a press check and the shirts looks great. You can check my pictures out from the press check here.

Let's just hope we all have lovely T's by the time we get there. Otherwise would be a total disaster of course.