Opinion: Microsoft shouldn't seek to bury NT 4.0. It should simply open source it.

Posted by bink on January 22 2005, 4:41 PM. Posted in Windows NT 4.

To paraphrase a famous 17th century playwright: Alas, poor Windows NT, I knew it, Bill: An OS of many blue screens, of most excellent fancy: It hath borne me on its network a million times; and now, how abhorred in our collective memory it is!Whatever you will say about Windows NT, it was a very successful and prosperous operating system. When Windows 2000 and Active Directory finally replaced it, many NT-administrator types longed for simpler times — as when it was appropriately patched, it was stable, performed well, and was easy to administrate.But on December 31 the sun set on Windows NT 4.0. Server, with Microsoft ending pay-per-incident and Premier support for all but a handful of well-heeled customers. Microsoft is intent on closing the book on a significant piece of its software history.

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