Office 14 to be named Microsoft Office System 2009?

Posted by bink on January 8 2009, 10:24 PM. Posted in Office 2007.

Microsoft enthusiast and blogger Stephen Chapman has spotted what appears to be an internal software roadmap from Microsoft. The roadmap reveals a milestone of year end 2009 but the dates aren't very clear:In the roadmap you can see that Office 14 is clearly identified as Microsoft Office System 2009.


Bink: I dont think so, we might get Office 14 released this year but it will  not be named Office 2009, it will be named Office 2010.

Or maybe.... Office 7 !! I mean it is possible as long as marketing likes it. Office 95 and Office XP came out with Windows 95 / Windows XP, now lets have Windows 7 with Office 7 [<:o)].

They never used 7 with before and as for version number? Microsoft marketing does not bother, Windows 7 is Windows 6.1 in binary version, so Office 14 binary named Office 7 seems fine too.

Yeah, let's hope for Office 7! [;)]