October 2007 OPTIONAL Updates are now available on the ECE

Posted by sumeethevans on October 31 2007, 11:46 AM. Posted in Windows Embedded.

optional updates in the same month as the componentized security updates. The October 2007 optional supplement update is now available on the ECE site for Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded Service Pack 2, Feature Pack 2007, and Update Rollup 1.0.

This update is purely optional and may or may not apply to your image. This Update includes:

  • KB 942525 (for Windows Media Player 10)A registration resource has been added to the Windows Media Player 10 component in order to facilitate the playing of mpeg4 content.
  • KB 942527 (for Group Policy Core- Support Files)A component dependency has been added to the Group Policy Core - Support Files component in order to automatically bring in the Group Policy Core component and its resources to a runtime.

Note: Optional updates are separate from the Security updates and should only be installed after the Security updates for the month have been installed.

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