No Microsoft Office Web Apps test build in August, after all

Posted by sumeethevans on September 1 2009, 2:00 AM. Posted in Office Live, Office 2010.

Microsoft isn’t going to make its August deadline for delivery of a wide-scale test build of its Office Web Apps technology.

But officials told me they’re close to delivering the promised Technical Preview test build of the four Webified Office apps that the company first demonstrated publicly last fall. A company spokesperson provided the following statement when I asked about the Web Apps’ whereabouts yesterday:

“At Worldwide Partner Conference, we said the Office Web applications technical preview would tentatively be available in the August timeframe.  While they will not be available by the end of August, we are still planning to release them soon.”

For the record, when Microsoft officials told me about their self-imposed August deadline for the tech preview, the word “tentatively” wasn’t used. The rest of the Office 2010 suite was released to thousands of testers in July as part of an invitation-only Tech Preview.

In May, a build of Office Web Apps leaked to the Web, along with the rest of the Office 2010 Tech Preview; Microsoft officials haven’t answered when I asked whether that Web Apps build will be the same as the officially sanctioned one that is now looking like it will go to testers in September.

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