New Zune HD?

Posted by sumeethevans on September 2 2010, 8:35 PM. Posted in Zune.

As part of my job as a full-time Microsoft watcher, I get a lot of tips about Microsoft from customers, competitors, partners and even some Softies themselves. However, ever since I worked for PCWeek as a reporter more than 15 years ago, I had it drilled into my head that until I could get three independent sources — none of whom was repeating something s/he heard in an echo chamber — to corroborate a tip, I couldn’t run it as a story.

Let’s start things off with a rumor that just won’t die — and one that is fitting to run on the day Apple announced a revamped iPod Touch line, plus social/streaming music capabilities along the lines of what Microsoft already offers with ZunePass.

I keep hearing from a source of mine who has been a solid tipster on Microsoft-consumerish things in the past that Microsoft is still considering rolling out at least one more Zune HD media player. Let’s call it, just for fun, the Zune HD2 (though maybe Zune HD7 (potentially stealing a good name away from HTC) is a more likely name, given the Softies’ love of all things numbered 7 these days).Last I heard, iIt was supposed to be Microsoft’s iPod Touch competitor.

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