New Windows Live Hotmail Wave3 Screenshots

Posted by vasudev on October 19 2008, 12:50 PM. Posted in Windows Live, Windows Live Hotmail.


Today as I signed into one of my Hotmail accounts, I was presented with the following screen saying ‘Your inbox has a slightly new look’


So I was excited to see my Hotmail account updated about which we have been hearing  since some time. The updated Hotmail is indeed faster, has cleaner and simple looks, new themes in line with other Wave 3 Live products, like the new Windows Live Messenger beta. Updated version has better Contacts control. And more improvements will be coming in the days to come. Such as * Hotmail storage to grow with ones account at reasonable pace, Inbox capacity will automatically increase as you need more space. *IM through Hotmail. *New Calendar features.

Let us check some of the screenshots of new Windows Live Hotmail:

You will have choice of Themes replacing the earlier color schemes making it uniform with other Wave3 Beta Live products.Remember thought that this new updated Windows Live Hotmail is not in Beta. From the Options as you move your Mouse cursor over various themes , the change gets reflected in the interface.

newHM6thmz newHM6az


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