New Game Creator features are now live!

Posted by vasudev on June 13 2008, 12:08 PM. Posted in Popfly.

 Adam Nathan from Popfly team has posted about this major update to Popfly:

"A few hours ago we released our 20th major update to Popfly, which includes our first update to the game creator since it was released just over a month ago.  There are tons of new features for you game creators out there, so I want to highlight them for you:

1. The new "color swapper" enables easy customization of any actor’s colors


This comes in very handy for differentiating good guys vs. bad guys, or just giving your game a unique look without needing artistic skill.

2. You can now rename actors


This was long overdue!

3. You can now publish your own actors so others can use them in their games

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