Network Access Protection arrives.......

Posted by sumeethevans on January 31 2008, 6:49 AM. Posted in Windows Server 2008, Security, System Center.

Hi everyone, I thought it might be interesting to post an article on the integration System Center has developed with the Windows Server 2008 NAP team.  As we head towards February 27th, and Los Angeles for the launch of Windows Server, I thought it might be interesting to detail how NAP works, and how System Center adds value to the core out of the box functionality NAP in Windows Server 2008 delivers.

Today’s increasingly mobile workforce and the need for inter-connectivity present an entirely new set of challenges for IT departments. In addition to ensuring that the desktop computers on the network are up-to-date and meet the company’s requirements for system health, network perimeters must also protect networks from roaming devices that may be vulnerable to security exploits.

Network Access Protection is designed to protect the network by validating System Health when the Client attempts to connect. This set of technologies allows an IT administrator to restrict non compliant devices from accessing network resources. The Network Access Control market is expected to pass the $4 Billion mark in 2008, and with the launch of Windows Server,  NAP enters the market with a very strong product. 

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