MVP 2004 list

Posted by bink on October 5 2003, 2:42 AM. Posted in Site News.

Microsoft is proud to announce its Most Valuable Professionals for 2004!

The MVP Award was established by Microsoft more than nine years ago as a way to award amazing individuals for their outstanding contributions in a wide range of community activities. From newsgroup to top user group, websites and message boards worldwide, MVP status is awarded to the most active online community “gurus” for their technical expertise, voluntary willingness to share their experience and commitment to helping others realize their potential within Microsoft technical communities.

Now more than ever, online technical communities devoted to one or more Microsoft products are used by millions of customers worldwide. Each year, Microsoft looks to these communities—message boards, web sites, USENET newsgroups, and other technical peer to peer communities—for the most outstanding, active participants providing credible and noteworthy contributions to a technical community.

By far, Microsoft’s largest online community is the Microsoft public newsgroups with over 11% growth in membership and nearly 1.5 million active community members annually participating at or news:// There are thousands of freely available newsgroups covering a wide variety of Microsoft products and technologies, including more than 250 devoted to developer topics. In nearly all of these newsgroups you are likely to run across a Microsoft MVP.

Not only are Microsoft MVP’s active experts on one or more Microsoft products from Office to Visual Studio .NET, they also represent a diverse group of backgrounds and professions from artists to technical trainer and from author to student, police officer, homemaker, firemen, doctor and more. They range in age from 18 to 80 while spanning the globe from Brazil to China. Not only are they online and active but many host websites, author best selling books and train others; while always finding the time to voluntarily give something back to the community. It is this amazing “spirit of community” and willingness to share combined with technical expertise and a sense of professionalism that truly reflects the Microsoft MVP Award.

Anthony Russell, Program Manager for the Microsoft MVP Program sums it up best. “Microsoft MVP’s are amazing individuals sharing a common passion for technology and willingness to help others. They provide invaluable feedback that enriches the broader customer and community experience while making a difference in Microsoft technical communities worldwide. Microsoft MVP’s are credible, technology experts and among our very best; most accessible community members. I am constantly amazed by their efforts and consider it a privilege to work on a worldwide team focused on recognizing and improving the MVP’s connection with Microsoft.”

MVPs make a significant contribution to our customer and overall community satisfaction, and we sincerely appreciate their efforts. Microsoft would like to congratulate and thank the following Microsoft MVPs for 2004.