MSN Receives Ad Measurement Accreditation From the Media Rating Council

Posted by bink on May 9 2007, 10:04 PM. Posted in MSN.

Certification demonstrates MSN adherence to industry standards for counting online ad impressions.

Today at the eighth annual Strategic Account Summit, Microsoft Corp. announced that its process for the measurement of ad impressions has received accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC), indicating that MSN® complies with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines and the MRC’s Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research. Through compliance with these guidelines and standards, MSN provides critical assurance to advertisers and agencies about the accuracy and standardization of campaign measurements and when and how an ad impression is counted online.

The guidelines developed by the IAB, with the assistance of the MRC, represent a significant innovation in the advertising industry. This is the first time that any advertising medium has developed a standard that measures the delivery of the ad itself to a consumer’s browser, as opposed to other measures that focus on the programming or content.

“One of our objectives this year is to maximize the effectiveness and accountability of advertising industry standardization for our customers,” said Bill Shaughnessy, general manager, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions at Microsoft. “These standards will help to free the market of existing confusion about how ad impressions are counted and satisfy the needs of our global media-buying community by offering consistent and accurate data.”

“In addition to actively supporting the MRC process, MSN and its leadership team have been important members of the development team and supporters of the IAB guidelines for years,” said George Ivie, CEO and executive director of the MRC. “The MRC accreditation of MSN provides assurance to the online advertising community that MSN is measuring and reporting ad impressions in accordance with the industry guidance and that they are seeking to align with the needs of customers and best practices.”

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