MSN Messenger 6.1.114 Leaked with MSN 9

Posted by sbink on September 6 2003, 2:41 AM. Posted in MSN.

Earlier today, Microsoft's new future version of its MSN Software, was leaked. This is a beta build and serves as a preview. Neowin has given us a list of new features we can expect in this new build:

  • MSN Messenger 6.1
  • MSN Explorer 9
  • Photo Mail & Photo Show
  • MSN Encarta Plus!
  • Enchanced Email
  • Picture It! Express
  • Picture It! LibraryIt seems the beta will be launching very soon. The installer for MSN 9 Beta downloads the components from the web. The UI for MSN 9 Explorer is standard, same as MSN 8/8.5. Changes are mainly to do with Outlook connector and Email settings. MSN Messenger 6.1 has also been added to the client. MSN Messenger 6.1 boosts new customizing features like no menu bar and colour changing.